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To help our players and readers visualize the characters in this story/game I’m going to devote this game just to character descriptions.  I’ll collect stuff all day, and put it in this blog for the benefit of all. Artists, if any of this material inspires you to do a character portrait, we would love to see it, have it, and put it in this blog. Weslynn Janoum, age 34 She’s wearing, as of right now, high hard boots, fine cloak, a kilt, and a silken shirt that are of good quality, but at least a couple years old, under a full set of unscarred leather armor that looks to be newly made. Her defensive options are increased by the equally new buckler she bears. She is 5’6″ tall, and about 170lbs or so.  Her eyes are a deep green, that seem to have an intelligent depth.  Her brunette hair, bound in a single ponytail, with a leather strip, is long enough to reach the middle of her back.  She has a backpack, and a set of pouches and the like hanging from her belt, along with wearing a hatchet should she find herself at need. Her bearing is mostly calm, when she is not thinking about the problems facing her.  She acts respectful, but not obsequious, to those she speaks to, as befits a successful merchant who does not wish ill to befall her coin cannot fix. Lumlas Lumlas is tall (6′, 150lbs) and fair of skin and hair. Her eyes are grey. She is reserved in social interaction with kin other than her own but is not bigoted in any way towards other races. She is quick to laugh.


Wulf is a 6 ft tall 210 pound fellow. He has brown hair (braided to give extra protection to his scalp), a short brown beard and mustache. Wears well used, but fully functional chain mail. Has a buckler and an open face steel helm.  Doesn’t smile much, he is a serious fellow, but is not surly or mean. Not really chatty. Thinks before he talks.
Every inch a soldier. Has a Kukri, a morningstar, a spear, and a concealed dagger in his boot. He is in good shape. Reacts poorly to insults. Talent for Brawling and weapons.
Good judge of people; worked as a bouncer in a rough tavern for over a year.
Algris Srog
The most noticeable thing about Algris is that he doesn’t look like a wizard. This human’s big, a little soft but certainly not fat. Were it not for his sharp eyes one might think he would be at home in front of or behind a plow–and not just because of his leather clothing. He’s a farm boy looking who’s more than metaphorically seeking a handful of magic beans. Blights, bad weather–it’s been a bad string of seasons for many of the farms surrounding Khazan and if Algris can’t find the cause–or at least one he can do something about–he hopes to find a means to help his family get through this.
Zhanh olt Grezakh
Zhanh olt Grezakh is a fairly normal elf, except that he knows absolutely nothing about being an elf. He has  auburn/mahogany hair (worn in a braid that falls to between his shoulder blades) and very dark green eyes. His clothes are mostly canvas (sail cloth, actually). He speaks Common with a slight Goblin accent. He wears a floppy brimmed hat made of red leather. He doesn’t carry a staff, but wears a woven leather thumb ring on each hand. He wears leather armor with a vambrace on his left forearm and a sax on his right hip.Characters who know anything about the Uruk language will know that the “olt” in the name “Zhanh olt Grezhakh” means “trusted by”, as in, “this person is not my blood kin, but I think highly enough of him to let him use my name.”Gronk

Gronk’s bullish hindquarters are thick and stocky with slate gray fur. His head, neck and shoulders are covered in the same colored fur, and his hooves and horns are a deep ebony tapering to gray then white at the tips. His eyes are a dull orange-yellow, and his right one is crossed by a scar that extends down to his chin. His left nostril is pierced with an iron ring, and his left ear is pierced with a half dozen smaller rings. His human-like torso is extremely muscular, and the dark gray skin of his arms is etched with black and deep blue bands of intricately traced tribal tattoos. He wears a loincloth in addition to his cuirass. He carries a huge double-bladed broad axe, and has a sax tucked into the band of his loincloth.
Tall athletic build with shoulder length black hair combed back  and held with a long leather band.  A stylish blue eye is painted in the middle of the band.  Edurin thinks the blue eye gives him a mystical look and contrasts nicely with his dark brown eyes.  Sailor’s tan, rough hands, and loose tied clothing mark him a working man.  He is thoroughly unable to grow a beard.
Lumlas, Elfin Wizardess
Lumlas is tall (6′.  150 lbs) and fair of skin and hair.  Her eyes are grey.  She is reserved in social interaction with kin other than her own, but is not bigoted in any way towards other races.  She is quick to laugh.
Gronk the Minotaur
Gronk’s shaggy fur is a slate gray, and his horns a deep ebony.  His human-like torso is extremely muscular, and his bullish hindquarters are thick and hairy.  He speaks a halting and choppy version of Common..  Gronk is bloodthirsty in combat, but he is actually a good friend to all who treat him with respect and kindness.  He wears a loincloth in addition to his cuirass.  He has a ring in one side of his nostrils and several on his left ear..

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  1. Mensa: A red-headed 4.37, short-bearded dwarf who – Aw, let’s face it. With Mensa, what you see is pretty much what you get. Hasn’t really learned that much about what being a dwarf means, much less that there are stone dwarfs and fleshy dwarfs. He enjoyed digging in the mine at home, but for some reason “Dad” preferred one rock over another. Silvertongue, the clever dwarf some of you saw earlier (and whose name Mensa already forgot) referred to him as a simple one. He’ll probably pepper you with Way Too Many Questions if he likes you – and he’s always friendly. Then again, we he tries to think through something, he may b equiet for days..and then suddenly jabber about something he saw days before.

  2. Hm…that should have read “A red-headed 4.37 foot tall, short-bearded” etc. Man, get chicken fat on yer fingers and yuh can’t type worth a doggone durn!

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