Chapter 1: Entering Khazan, Part 9   Leave a comment

Summary of where we are in the game.

Weslynn Janoum is determined to pursue the thief that took her wagon of wine, but that trail leads up the Khazan River to Castle Greybat–a vampire-dominated outpost that is not technically part of the Empire of Khazan.  The city has been suffering a rash of murders–mostly wizards.  It seems likely that Perry Stroika’s father is one victim of the murders and also Algris Srog’s brother.  Lumlas, not Lumias, is hanging out with Weslynn for lack of anything better to do.  Mensa the Dwarf has decided that following Wulf the Barbarian is a good thing to do, but is hanging back in the background.

After leaving the Watch station, the following things happened.  Weslynn and Lumlas went to the Wine District in the Great Market and spoke to some merchants there.  At first they sounded sympathetic to her plight, but when she mentioned the idea of following the thief to Castle Greybat, they turned hostile and told her to solve her own problems and not bother them.  Clearly they were afraid of something, but not willing to talk about it to Weslynn.  After wasting the morning in the Market, Weslynn and Lumlas headed over to the Grinning Goblin, but her friend, the guard from the gate didn’t show up for the meeting.  Meanwhile, after arranging to meet Weslynn at the Grinning Goblin tavern, Wulf and Gronk went to the docks to find out about travel upriver.  Mensa followed Wulf as far as the Market, but got sidetracked by seeing a lot of Dwarves doing business there.  He had never seen quite so many in his life.  With a little help, he found the gate to Thrindol, entered the Dwarven city and got a good meal at Griselda’s place.  Then he wandered back out into the market and will see Wulf on his way back from the docks, and follow him and Gronk into the Grinning Goblin.  He would still like to talk to a Minotaur, touch him, and find out if he’s real.  He and Gronk may turn out to be kindred spirits.  🙂  At the same time, Algris Srog went to the Herome Palace, also known as City Hall to look into the murder records to see if he can learn anything about his missing brother.  Concurrently, Edurin walked back to the docks and talked to his captain about financing the expedition.  Having secured some money, enough to finance the expedition, Edurin tried to make his way to the Grinning Goblin.  Along the way he met a half-elf who asked him if he knew a good place to eat.  He answered in the negative, but told Perry that he was trying to find a place called the Grinning Goblin.  Their search for the tavern took them fairly close to the Herome Palace, and they might encounter Algris in that area.  Algris and Edurin have seen each other in the Watch Station, and both have spoken to Weslynn, so it is logical for them to fall in together if they meet–depends on how Algris plays his next part of the game.  At the same time Zhanh, having been set on his path by a precognitive command from the Wizards Guild wound up in the Grinning Goblin where he encountered Weslynn about to have lunch.

Things that need to be established: what does Algris learn at City Hall?  What does Wulf learn on the docks?  Will Edurin and Perry join them or not?  Will Mensa come into the group?  Where will they sleep that night?

And now, back to our adventure.

Turn 9:  Algris

Algris walked into the heart of the city.  It took him a long time to reach his destination, as the streets got more and more crowded as the day progressed.  By the time he arrived the sun was nearly at zenith.  When he reached the Herome Hall, as it was called in deference to ancient history, he found a palatial building nearly a block long and 5 stories high, all built of green malachite and iron.  There were five broad doors leading into the building from the front, all of them guarded by at least two members of the Watch.  And there were lines of citizens in front of each door.  The doors were labeled with signs like Taxes, Licenses, Appointments, Wizards, and Official Business, but none of them said Records, and the lines for all of them were fairly long–long enough that enterprising vendors walked up and down the rows pushing carts offering drinks and snacks for sale to the people waiting.  Algris stood and watched for a few minutes.  The lines seemed to move with glatial slowness.
Turn 9:  Weslynn
Wesylnn turned from her greeting of her newfound friends, who had made their way to the tavern on Khazan’s busy streets somewhat faster than her, to face a new stranger who called out her name, and introduced himself as a wizard.
“I take it then you are a Wizard, then.What is your name, then, and what does the Wizard’s Guild wish you to report to them about?  Why is my plight of interest?”
Turn 9:  Gronk
Gronk listened to Wulf very carefully.
“Gronk go with Wulf. Gronk chop for ladies and spell-throwers. Gronk chop for Wulf. Gronk hungry, Gronk thirsty. Wulf know where Gronk get beer and meat?”
Wulf remembered he had some old dried deer jerky in his pack.  The provisions were older than dirt and harder than a tax collector’s heart, but would probably do just fine to take the edge off Gronk’s hunger.  He pulled a couple of pieces out and gave them to the Minotaur.  “Chew this slowly,” he said, “kind of like chewing your cud.  The more you chew it, the better it will taste.”
Gronk took a piece, put it in his cheek and began to chew mightily.  “Ugh, Wulf, this is the hardest meat I’ve ever tasted.”
“Not harder than your teeth, old friend.  Chew slowly and moisten it.  We’ll get a drink on the way.  Right now we must get off to the river docks, and I have only the vaguest idea where they are.”
The barbarian and the minotaur made their way down the street toward the Great Market.  They didn’t notice when Mensa the Dwarf started following them.
Turn 9:  Edurin
Edurin stifled his excitement long enough to say, “I won’t let you down.” But only ten days. Not much time for getting more than physically close to his goal. Plenty of time for adventure.Edurin tucked the purse of gold into the inside pocket of his leather jerkin. Strangely enough, he felt comforted having the silver anchor charm.Business concluded, Edurin headed out to meet up with Weslynn at the tavern. Along the way he picked up nuts, hard cheeses, and unleavened bread for the journey no more than nine days worth of provisions or as far as his personal stash of coins takes him. As always, he kept an eye open for trouble. He learned well his early lesson of hospitality (hostility) of Khazan.  As he walked eastwards again, not exactly sure where to find the Grinning Goblin inn, he overheard a young half-elf asking directions from a passing patrol of Watchmen, one of whom was an Elf.  The words “Grinning Goblin” were mentioned and the young stranger said, “Thanks, I’ll go there.”  This seemed like an omen to Edurin.  When the Watch moved on, Edurin went and introduced himself politely to Perry and asked if he was going to the Grinning Goblin.”Why, yes,” said Perry, “but first we need to find Herome Palace.  My directions to the Goblin start from there, and I’ve never been in this city before.””Nor have I,” answered the sailor.  “You look kind of banged up?  What happened to your face?” he asked as they walked.”It has been a rough morning,” said Perry.  “A guard knocked me down when I entered the city.  Then Madame Zolgah’s crystal sphere exploded in my face while we were looking at some coffins in Castle Greybat.  That’s how I got this cut.”

“Castle Greybat?” asked Edurin.  “My friend, I think you need to come with me.”



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