Chapter 1: Entering Khazan, Part 8   Leave a comment

Turn 8:  Wulf

Wulf agreed to meet with all parties interested in the trip to Castle Graybat. He explained to Gronk that Khazan was full of pickpockets and it would indeed be almost impossible to find the one who stole his message and his money. He introduced his old comrade to the others and vouched for his courage and prowess as a warrior. Then as they made their way to the Grinning Goblin he began to form a plan of action: to get information and to acquire what they might need to battle a vampire and his servants. He made a mental note to inquire with the monks or priests of Omvar if there was a temple in the city about what help they might be able to give him. He also wished to see what the group already had in equipment and money for the campaign. So much to do! But a soldier and a leader had to do it to ensure any hope of success in any kind of expedition. Well prepared is half way done.”
   Wulf told Gronk he and the others were going on a dangerous and probably exciting trip to a bad place where bad people preyed on innocents. He told the big Minotaur that they would be very happy to have him come along. There would be much chopping needed. And the women and other wizards needed some good fighting men to defend them. And there was the possibilty of significant loot to be had.”

Turn 8:  Gronk

“Gronk go with Wulf,” he said as he bowed to the Captain.
Gronk grabbed Wulf in another bear hug.
“Gronk happy see Wulf! Gronk robbed, no money. Wulf money? What Wulf do in Khazan?”
Turn 8:  Edurin
With two minotaurs, the guard station got crowded real quick. Edurin picked up his pack, and thanked the seargent, “I’ll press no charges. The muggers learned a valuable lesson today.” He quietly backed out. On the street he reajusted his back with his spear still bound tightly to it. He checked his dirk. Good the loop still held it tight. He headed to the Captain of the Wayward Sluice. At least, to where the Captain said he was doing business. Along the way, he walked with confidence, purpose, and an eye for trouble.”Samurai Kighe,” he bowed low. “I found a business deal worthy of your attention.” Edurin learned well over the months at sea what motivated his Captain. The man took calculated risks. Riskes exemplified by guiding the Wayward Sluice up the coast from the Dragon’s Claw into the Maw. As usual Kighe said little finishing business at hand before facing Edurin.”I found a merchant who lost her cargo. Fine wines from inland. She has tracked the shipment to Castle Greybat. It is a place of dangerous reputation, and the merchant needs financing to recover her shipment. There lies the risk. The reward, we negotiate a finders fee of one barrel out of every three recovered. To minimize risk, finance us with equipment from your shipment, and I will travel with her people to represent your interests. Even my own meager wealth will be put at your disposal. ” In Sonan Ie, loyalty to one’s ship and crew was a bond tighter than clan or family. Crewmen earned the Samuari’s trust or were set off ship often while still at sea. Edurin counted on this bond to sell the opportunity. He would die first before letting Samuari Kighe down.

Captain Kighe looked steadily at his mate.  “This seems a very risky deal, Edurin.  If her wines are that fine, could we not simply visit the vintners and purchase our own shipment.  What is the likelihood of recovering wines from a hostile castle 3 days upriver?  Slim, I would think.  Still, if you think it’s worth the risk, I will venture 300 gold on the proposition.  That should be more than enough to hire a boat for the river trip.”
“Thank you, Captain.  Give me the money, and I will rejoin Lady Janoum and the party of adventurers she is organizing.”
“Very  well,  I will wait ten days for your return.  Take this charm.”  he handed a tiny silver anchor to Edurin.  It glowed faintly.
Edurin took it and pinned it to his vest.  “What is its purpose?”
“It is the twin of this one which I will keep.”  Samurai Kighe showed his sailor another silver anchor about as big as his finger.  “As long as mine glows, I will know that you are still alive.  And the reverse, of course.  Do not lose the charm, because if it is separated from you for long it will cease to glow, and I will think you are dead, in which case we will make for our next port of call.”
Turn 8:  Weslynn
Having heard someone calling for her, she turned, to see Algris run up to her.  “Hello,” she greeted the stranger. “This was not a good year for crops no, one reason I am so angry about this missing shipment.  We need all the coin we can get, the vineyard did well in it’s sheltered mountain valley, but we have other crops, in less sheltered places, that did very poorly.  We need the coin to buy more food for our workers, lest we have a lean winter.” “Why should I speak to this Dragon?” She clearly looks a bit taken aback.  “I have buisiness at the Merchant Square, to seek if I will be lucky and find someone here who is a friend with coin  to fund a boat.  What ever else we do lies upon that, so it is a question I must answer first.  Not only that, but I must find a courier to deliver a note to my home, telling them of my ill fate.” “Then I will go to the Grinning Goblin, and we shall speak more, and learn to know each other, and you shall all decide if you are in or out. Magic would be of great use to us, I imagine.  It usually is, from what I have seen, and I bear wizards and spellwork no prejudice.  Perhaps afterwords in the evening we can seek the Dragon, if you can convince me there is more to be gained than lost.”
Turn 8:  Zhanh
In due course, Zhanh found himself at the edge of the Great Market, standing in front of a pub called “The Grinning Goblin”. His stomach reminded him that he was still hungry, and he took this as a sign to go in and grab a bit to eat before he continued his search. He found a table near the wall, and settled down for a bit of people watching while he ate his fish stew and drank his cider. He had finished his meal and was about to continue his quest when he heard one of the other patrons call a companion, “Weslynn.” He was looking for a Weslynn, and decided to investigate the co-incidence. He walked over and tipped his hat.”Would you be Weslynn Janoun, by any chance?” he asked. When answered in the affirmative, Zhanh continued, “Word has reached the Wizard’s Guild that you are mounting an expedition to Castle Greybat. That have tasked me to accompany you and report back to them.” Zhanh clenched his teeth to force himself to slow down; his Goblin accent tended to get thick when he spoke too quickly. “May I join you?”


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