Chapter 1: Entering Khazan, Part 7   Leave a comment

Turn 7:  Zhanh

As Zhanh approached the gate, he quickly learned the procedure with
which each traveler was treated. He also noticed that the guards were
uruks and not particularly fond of elves. When his turn came, he spoke
up in Uruk, without being asked: “I am Zhanh olt Grezhakh, a
journeyman wizard; I have come to Khazan to study at the Wizard’s
Guild;  I made no housing arrangements, but have the means to stay at
an inn for the time being.”

“Very well, enter and be about your business.  You speak good urukish for an elf, but you would be well-advised not to flaunt the language.  We speak Common in Khazan, except with friends.  You have no friends here, elf, and don’t forget it!”  Joruk waved him through the gate.

Once he was clear of the gate, Zhahn followed the provided instructions to the Wizard’s Guild, and arrived there without too much difficulty. He wasn’t imposing, but he did project a combination of competence and scruffiness that marked him as someone there was no point in messing with. He only got lost twice.

When he arrived at the Wizard’s Guild, he presented his letter of introduction, and was told to wait in the street. He took off his pack, sat down against the wall, and watched Khazan go by while he did so. After about an hour he was escorted to an antechamber of some sort, where he was shown to a chair and told to continue waiting.

Zhanh wasn’t sure this was an improvement; the street had been
INTERESTING, and this was hopelessly boring. He dug through his
shoulder bag and pulled out the double-faced five lobe star knot he
was trying to create, and waited.

He waited through wondering if it would be acceptable to eat while he
sat to the point where he was about to just take the risk, when
someone came for him and escorted him to an office that was occupied
by and old, battered, but extremely well-dressed uruk.

The uruk looked Zhanh over, skimmed the letter of recommendation, and
told Zhanh to have a seat. “So how is young Grezhakh these days?” he

“Dead of old age,” Zhanh replied.

The uruk thought about that for a moment and then nodded. “That’s what
comes of being out in the world,” he said. “Good alchemists are hard
to find in the back of nowhere. Still, I remember Greshakh from his
student days. “He was smart, proud, and grumpy. A credit to the
school.” He looked back at the letter. “Technically, Greshakh
shouldn’t have taken an apprentice at all. Training outside the Guild
school is forbidden. But things happen… I have a job that needs
doing. It’s dangerous. It may well kill you. But if you survive, the
Guild would be beholden to you, and I could see that you were

Zhanh nodded. “Not a deal I am fond of, but pretty much what I
expected. What do you need?”

The old uruk grinned. “There’s a place upriver a ways called Castle
Greybat. The place has a nasty reputation, and we don’t know as much
about it as we would like. I have heard a rumor that someone is
putting together an expedition to go there and recover some stolen
property. They’ll likely die; it’s that kind of place. But if you were
to join the expedition, get a good look at the place and its
inhabitants, and report back, I could get you into the guild.”

Zhahn nodded. “Done. Where would I find this expedition, and could I
please have this in writing?”

The old uruk smiled and picked up a quill. “Grezhakh didn’t apprentice
a fool.” He scribbled a few words on a parchment, signed it, and
sealed it. “Bring this back to me, Shavakh, when you come back. You
will find the expedition organizing on the river docks; the leader is
called…” He glanced at his notes. “Weslyn. Weslyn Janoum. And good

Zhanh took the parchment, bowed slightly, shouldered his pack, and headed out.  He didn’t know where the river docks were, but figured he could get information in the Market.  A citizen told him the Market was northeast of the Wizards Guild, and he set out in that direction, wishing that the streets could maintain a straight line for more than a block at a time.

(Make a L2 LK saving roll and let me know the result.–the exact result.)

Turn 7:  Wulf

Wulf immediately came over to try and understand what sort of excitement his old friend and comrade Gronk was up to this time. It was never a dull moment with the Bull-Man, and he had been a pretty fair soldier, and a terror to enemies on the battlefield. One did not give him orders though–rather one made suggestions backed up with good reasons. Over time he had learned to respect Wulf and his ‘suggestions’, and the two had done good work for their employers in the sieges and battles. At any rate Wulf was happy to see him again. Up til now he had felt pretty isolated and alone in the big city, and the presence of the Minotaur was like a tonic to him.
  At the same time he was thinking about the ladies and their dilemma and wondering if it could work out to at least keep him fed and busy for the 3 days til the guards held their ‘tryouts’.
Turn 7:  Weslynn
“Wulf, I saw your skills with the wargs at the entrance.  They were impressive to see.  You certainly seem experienced, your ability with animals would most likely prove most useful on the road.  Are you interested in helping me with my missing wine? I realize you know nothing about me or my problem, other than what you have heard here, but the Captain’s words have struck to the dark heart of where we are going, and what we might face, but I must make haste in pursuit and gather what aid I can along the way.””It is entirely possibly, after all, the thief is not bound for Castle Greybat at all, and is simply using it’s reputation to scare off pursuit.  Though I do not feel I can rely upon that hope and act imprudently.”Weslyn gazed now at Wulf, looking into his eyes, trying to take a better measure of him in full, measure the soul of the man behind those eyes, and project her desire for aid in bringing justice.
Turn 7:  Perry

Perry thought hard – not long but hard. He figured the old lady wouldn’t have much patience – the old seldom did in his experience. If he had time to ruminate over a nice glass of silverwood gris, he might well have uncovered other more coherent wishes but right now his thoughts settled  on two questions – 1) where is my father – I want to see him so clearly that I can find him! and 2) what is my pathway to fame and growth as a conjuror in this city?
It was as if the silverwood was warming his larynx as he pictured these questions and then he spoke them: “Where is my father at this minute? What is my pathway to fame and advancement in the conjuring arts?”
He leaned forward and gazed at Madame Zolgah’s countenance and then turned his attention to the crystal ball that lay between them. The half elf could not help but cross his fingers under the table and hold his breath. This was his time of revelation!

Madame Zolgah pulled the cloth off the crystal.  Where it had been clear, it now showed roiling gray mists.  The mists moved and parted as if he were moving through them.  Suddenly, it wasn’t mist but hard gray stone in front of him.  Stone with strange carvings on it–carvings of huge grey bats in flight.  Then he moved through the stone and into a dark hallway.  The hallway ended in an arch, and beyond the arch was a candle-lit chapel. An altar dominated the room, but it was covered with a crimson cloth that reached down to the floor.  Instead of pews there were line after line of coffins.  The view focussed in on one particular coffin, the third one from the left in the seventh row.  Then suddenly an angry face appeared in the crystal–a dark, malignant face that seemed to be screaming, and the crystal shattered.

“What was that?” shouted Perry as glass spattered into him, one shard even cutting his cheek as he flinched away from the explosion.

“Kah, kah, Castle Greybat!” Zolgah stammered.  Her face had gone pale.  “Out!  Get out of my house!  You bring bad luck!”  She stood up and dashed through the curtain behind her.  Perry could hear heavy running footsteps receeding down a hallway.

Turn 7:  Gronk

“Captain Grynosk, Gronk no mean no disrespect, Gronk is robbed! Gronk bring message from elders for Captain Grynosk, Gronk no read secret message, Gronk no disrespect Captain Grynosk, Gronk no disrespect village elders.”
He hefted his axe, “Gronk find thief and Gronk chop thief!”
He turned to Wulf, “Hail Wulf Wayfarer, Gronk’s friend,” and gave Wulf a bear hug. Turns back to Captain, “Gronk take friend Wulf and find and chop thief, bring message to Captain?”
“You will never find the thief, Gronk,” said the Captain.  “But go with Wulf.  You could both use a friend in Khazan, and perhaps you will find something to do.  I see that I must now visit the elders at home.  This will mean extra paperwork for me.”  He turned and bellowed, “Hargbuk!  My office!  Now!”  Then he stomped out of the room and back into his office.
Turn 7:  Algris Srog
As Grynosk headed toward the commotion, Algris ran after the lady Janoum calling after her. (If she stops) Catching her said,
“Excuse me, lady. My name is Algris Srog, and Captain Grynosk mentioned your theft to me. I come from a nearby farm, seeking my brother, another wizard, who I fear is dead. I know we are not the only ones who have been having poor harvests, so I can imagine what your loss means. And though I am a man of little imagination for one who deals with magic, I cannot help but think that all these events are connected. You are clearly strong, but there is strength in numbers. May I join you? If you do not have a destination, may I suggest following me to the hall of records, to seek an appointment with Dragon Vellashnar’xx.”
Turn 7:  Wulf
Wulf decided it was time to take charge.  “Friends,” he said loudly.  “Let us all leave this watch station and go some place where we can get acquainted with each other.  The lady Janoum has a problem.  The Captain has indicated that I should help her.  It involves a trip to Castle Greybat, and that is no small task.  Does anyone know a good tavern here where we could all sit down, have a drink, and do some planning?”
“I have heard of a place called the Grinning Goblin,” said Weslynn.  “It seems as good a place as any.  Those who would help me could go there.”
(Players, let me know if you attend the meeting at the Grinning Goblin.  Even those of you who weren’t at the watch station could wind up there by coincidence . . . but if you wish to do something else, you certainly can.  Just let me know what you plan to do next.==Ken)  (Note: instructions like this will be removed from the blog once we get past this turn.)

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