Chapter 1: Entering Khazan, part 1   Leave a comment

Mensa: turn 1.
The Dwarf walked past the line of people waiting to enter the south gate of Khazan, humming a tuneless melody of his own.  Farm wagons were rolling into the city on the other side of the road, being stopped only briefly by the guard who stood on that side with a dire wolf on a chain beside him.  The wolf  sniffed each wagon going by.  If it didn’t growl, the guard signalled for the wagon to roll right through.  If the wold growled, two more guards came forward and quickly searched the wagon.  They found fresh meat once, and some live chickens once, and a rat once.  None of those stopped the wagons from going through.  But as Mensa tried to walk through on his side of the road, a big halbard came down in front of him, hitting the ground less than inch from the tip of his boots.
“Get back in line!” growled the Gate Guard.  “You can’t just walk into Khazan.”
“Why not?” asked Mensa.
“Rules,” said the guard.  We need to know who you are, where you came from, what you intend to do in Khazan, and where you plan to live.  Now, get back to the end of the line!”
“I’m Mensa,” barks the red-headed dwarf. “Gonna get something to eat. Then find room. Bye.” He walks on, looking a little ridiculous with a war shovel strapped to his back and a backpack over it.
The big uruk guard looked astounded and then irritated by the dwarf’s failure to obey orders.  He yelled, “Guards! To me!  Trouble!”  Then he swung his halbard in a roundhouse swing flatlings intended to bowl the dwarf over.  Two other guards, both uruks, wielding maces started to run toward the altercation from the other side of the gateway.
The players who have responded with money and characters so far are:
Chet  playing Mensa ben Samuel–a Dwarf of very little brain
Mark playing Perry Stroika–a half elf.
Kevin playing Weslyn Janoum–an apparently human woman
Roy playing Wulf the Wanderer–an apparently human man
presumed to be in the game but have not yet shown a character
all of you are in line and contiguous to each other, but about 4 people back from the action at the south gate into Khazan.  Mensa has just tried to walk past the guards in his gruff and single-minded Dwarven manner.  They are not amused.
Since none of you know each other yet, the logical thing to do is just wait and see what happens to him.
If you don’t get into a fight here at the city gate, you will each get the chance to speak to the guard on the way into the city.  The guard will ask who you are, why you’re coming to Khazan, if you have a place to stay>  You may also ask the guard a question–like why is security so tight on getting into the city or whatever else you can think of.
to be continued

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