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The city of Khazan is surrounded by walls on all sides, even the ocean is guarded.


Rules for Khazan Campaign in 2012


  1. This will be a regular game of Tunnels and Trolls, played according to the 7.5th edition rules.
  2. If you cannot accept the rules given on this page, do not bother to play.
  3. All decisions by the G.M. will be final.
  4. All moves must be submitted by email—not by telephone and not in person.  This rule is included to minimize the time advantage that players living geographically closer to Phoenix have over those living farther away.
  5. All required game fees must be paid for in advance before moves will be processed.
  6. Players may enter as many characters of whatever kindred as they wish.  Each, however, must be played separately, and paid for separately.
  7. Players shall create their own characters.  A name, description, list of belongings, and biographical synopsis will be required at the time the character enters the game.
  8. The playing fee will be $5 per calendar month per player character. (If you have 2 characters in the game, it will cost you $10 per month to play them.)  The playing fee must be paid before moves will be processed.
  9. Each character lives along its own time-line.  These time-lines may be altered by other characters.  If this happens, the player will have to go back to the point of divergence and begin playing his or her character over again from that point.  (Example:  Player A and player B are playing at slightly different rates such that A gets ahead of B in time.  In A’s time-line, he spent the Night of the Cat at the Salty Frog Tavern and nothing happened.  In B’s time-line, he spent the evening of the Cat at the Salty Frog Tavern and started a bar fight.  Player A would receive a letter telling him to go back in time to the night of the Cat and that a bar fight was beginning, and then asked for his orders in that situation.  Everything done by Player A since the night of the Cat would be wiped out—it didn’t happen.)

10. A roster of active members of the game will be available on the Khazan Campaign web blog in order that the players may get in touch with each other.

11. Players may collaborate among themselves and submit group orders if they so wish.

12. Three or four months after the game has started, the GM will begin to conduct fame surveys.  When awarding fame points, players may not vote for their own characters.

13. The player whose character wins the most famous of the month award will get a certificate of award.  This will be a monthly prize.

14. A running account of who has done what will be available on the Khazan Campaign blog.

15. Artists are wanted to illustrate the blog, do character portraits, etc.  Nothing is promised, but any art used in a game publication will be paid for.

16. Players will not fight their own combats, nor will they make their own saving rolls.  Players only make decisions and roleplay.  All dice rolling will be done by the GM or his designated helper.  Players should therefore submit detailed contingency plans for how their character would behave in a fight.

17. Rules questions will be answered without charge by email.

18. To join this campaign, a player must pay the monthly player fee to Kenstandre@yahoo.com through Paypal and submit a new 7th edition T & T character to Ken via email.  New players may join at any time, but the monthly fee covers the current calendar month only.  (Example, if you start a character on May 15 for the month of May, you still pay $5—the same as if you had started on May 1.)

19. Players may use any non-gigantic humanoid character.  Centaurs and Minotaurs are considered humanoid.  Balrukhs, giants, dragons, pegasi are not.  In case of doubt the GM will authorize the character or not.  Trolls and Ogres more than 15 feet tall are not allowed.

20. Players may equip their characters as they wish before the game begins.  They should not start with more than 100 gold pieces or a fortune in gems, magical weapons, etc.  The GM expects the character to be rolled up on dice and developed in an ordinary fashion under the 7.5 rules.

21. When in doubt about anything, ask.

22.  Information that everyone would or could have will be posted in this blog, as well as the game narrative.  Private information will be exchanged by email.




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